Frances Rowley Beaumont

Frances Rowley Beaumont



I have always loved drawing and writing. Writing a diary, poems and short stories  is cathartic. I learnt  through writing  that 'Everything changes ' and 'Life is full of surprises!'.

Writing about John Oliver's life is the first full length book I've written and I am finding it a fascinating project.

Our deep friendship began in 1968, when I was 24, until his death age 88 in 2014.  Ive sought out his friends and acquaintances;  their voices - from different times in his life and points of view - are included.  

J'oliver was unique and his life was an inspiration to those who met him.    

a little bit of my history...

I was born in November 1943 during the Blitz in London. Mum and Dad had two things in common - left wing politics and motherless childhoods.

It was an unusual, liberal and active upbringing. I was the eldest of 4 children, and we lived eventually on a smallholding in Kent with tractors, and animals.  My mother had made her way despite many difficulties and was an example to us that we could do anything we wanted, as long as we worked hard and didn't get pregnant too young!

Leaving school at 17 I trained as an Occupational Therapist and went to work in the Rehabilitation Centre in Kinshasa ( ex Belgian Congo) Zaire for a year age 21. I later trained as an Art teacher and I am artist. In my 30's I was lucky enough to have two children- Tamsin, and Joss- during a brief marriage. I was a single parent for most of their upbringing.

Tamsin and Joss have produced two adventurous and creative granddaughters Poppy and Laurel. I've lived in Faversham since 2004 and nowadays combine writing with Art, gardening and singing.